Informationen zum Buch:
by Walter M. Weiss, translated by Stefan Tobler
published 2006 by Haus Publishing, London (Armchair Traveller, Paperback Edition, Reprint 2016)
168 pages with one fold-out map
Format 12,7 x 20,33 cm
ISBN 978-1909961258
Price: £ 14,99, Euro 10,65


Paperback edition: available at well-assorted bookshops and at Amazon

In the Labyrinth of Dreams and Bazaars

Morocco has been influenced by an incredible variety of peoples. Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Berbers, Muslims, Jews, and most of Europe`s colonisers have played a part. Modern Moroccan society is no less rich and varied. In this book, Walter M. Weiss travels the breadth and depth of these social and geographical contrasts. He visits the settings of modern legends, such as Tangier and Casablanca, as well as the two medieval centres Fès and Meknès, and sees earthen kasbahs and Marrakech`s bazaar. On the way, he meets acrobats, Sufi musicians, pilgrims, craftsmen, beatniks, rabbis and Berber farmers, among many others.

- The Gateway to Africa
- Coexistence in Morocco
- Paradise in this world and the next
- Hippy town and hotbed of resistance
- First interruption: ca va?
- Only look! In the maze of paths in the Fès el-Bali bazaar
- From the hammam to a full stomach, via hell
- The healing powers of the dead
- Second Interruption: travel as a political choice
- Trip to the edge of time
- Moulay Ismail`s legacy
- Inside the bastion of power
- Living and praying in the white house
- Seaside snapshots
- Among acrobats, storytellers and poets
- An oasis of luxury and fashions
- Barren lands and iron dogmas
- In Hollywood`s holy land
- 52 days to Timbuktu

“Weiss stumbles across an array of characters from acrobats and pilgrims to beatniks and Rabbis—the result is a gripping book with no filler whatsoever.”
(Glasgow Herald)

“Weiss darts from café to kasbah with refreshingly frank observations of a culture prone to dazzling visitors with its exoticism.”
(Times Literary Supplement)

I felt like I was there breathing the air, seeing the sights, and smelling the spices everytime I turned a page.
(a reader from UK; Amazon / Verified Purchase)

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