Stürtz Verlag, Würzburg Tutankhamun - His Tomb and his Treasures Exhibition CatalogueCatalogue Concept & Editorial: Walter M. Weissfirst published by Semmel Concerts.. Product #: 01A

Tutankhamun - His Tomb and his Treasures

Tutankhamun - His Tomb and his Treasures

Informationen zum Buch:
Catalogue Concept & Editorial: Walter M. Weiss
first published by Semmel Concerts, Bayreuth, 2008 (2013: Third Edition),
also in German, French, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, Czech, Hungarian, Slovak, Swedish, Danish and Korean for the exhibition „Tutankhamun – His Tomb and his Treasures“ shown in Zurich, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Brno, Budapest, Barcelona, Madrid, Manchester, Dublin, Brussels, Malmö, Seoul, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Prague, Bratislava, Linz, Geneva, Kansas City, Portland, St. Louis and San Diego.

132 pages with 257 colour and black and white illustrations
Format 22 x 28 cm
ISBN 3-00-025608-0


Available only at the exhibition sites
With texts by: Dr. Wolfgang Wettengel, Dr. Martin von Falck, Susanne Martinssen-von-Falck, Dr. Ruth Brech, Prof. Dr. Wilfried Seipel, Dr. Dr. Frank Rühli und Walter M. Weiss
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A journey through time
Egypt – The land of dreams
5000 years at a glance – an outline of ancient Egyptian history
Relics from the kingdom of the pharaohs – temples, tombs and pyramids at a glance
The 18th dynasty – a royal house and its times
A portrait of Tutankhamun – pop icon with a secret life

The sensational discovery: the tomb
Howard Carter – a lifetime devoted to archaeology
The opening of the burial chamber – “All eyes were aglow”
From the afterlife… into the light of day: The setting/ The Valley of the Kings – First highlights/ Antechamber and annex - At the heart of the wonderland/ The treasury and burial chamber – The ruler and his bindings/ Sarcophagi, mask and mummy – Internationally acclaimed specialists/ Carter`s team – The long last dance/ Back to the here and now

The event: the exhibition
The treasure of treasures – a selection of the most spectacular showpieces
Essay: On the magic of the authentic overall picture

The story of a unique show:
A Chronicle of the project – interview with the scientific directors – the architect and scenographer on his general function and work – the initiators and mentors, the graphic designers, researchers and the photographer tell about their contributions to the successful realization of the project.