Looking for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Informationen zum Buch:
By Walter M. Weiss
published 1997 by Christian Brandstaetter, Vienna
ISBN 978-3-85447-686-8
Price: Euro 20,13
175 pages, 162 full colour & 66 black-and white illustr.

Unfortunately this book is sold out in bookshops; available only via the author Order now by mail

Looking for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
A Travel Companion Through Salzburg, Prague and Vienna

A Companion that follows the "greatest musical genius", and approaches Mozart "bio- and topographically": A comprehensive guide to the places where he lived, stayed and worked, in Salzburg, Vienna and Prague, that also covers his extensive travels.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Contemporary of the Enlightened and Joseph II., musician of the Prince Archbishops and Emperors, recipient of heavenly inspiration and a noble kick in the pants, Freemason, rude clown and traveller. A Cosmopolitan journeying between European Capitals, at home in three cities: Salzburg, his birthplace; Vienna, his home; and Prague, where his music was adored. Beyond all biographical and musical speculation Mozart can be found - to mention just a few stations - between Getreidegasse 9, the Cathedral and Tanzmeisterhaus in his less favoured Salzburg; between Milchgasse, Trattnerhof and Rauhensteingasse (the more famous of the Viennese addresses), and the Bertramka and the Estates Theatre in Prague.
This Companion enables the reader to discover Mozart in a different light, tracing the steps of his life with the help of a detailed chronological table, detailed city maps, comprehensive supplements concerning the three cities and numerous pictures. The reader is guided through his biography, following and seeing, at a discretional distance of over two hundred years, how he lived, what instruments he played, which orchestra pits he stood in, where he played the fool with his friends and where he was alone with his compositions. There is no way of getting any closer to him, other than listening to his music.

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